Headstart School Robotics Competition


To be held

after summer break


Headstart School Kuri Campus

about us.

Headstart School is one of the pioneers in Project Based Learning (PBL). Since 2003 the school is running its Robotics program with great passion and enthusiasm. We are proud to host a nationwide competition that is aimed to promote robotics by educating youth of Pakistan.

Headstart School has always been part of such events and our students have achieved awards at NERC, IEEE GIKI OLYMPIAD, NASCON at FAST NUCES, FLL at SEECS NUST, RoboSprint at CASE, PSIFI at LUMS.

Participation in this event will be a source of inspiration for the students and will provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents. They will share the ideas of robot design and manufacturing. They will get the opportunity to display their innovative abilities and the achievements of their institution.

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Drone Race Module

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